4 Tips to Build the Right Wedding Day Limo Atmosphere

4 Tips to Build the Right Wedding Day Limo Atmosphere

Visiting Disneyland is a must-do on most families’ lists. But for many people, the prospect of getting around Southern California can also be intimidating and even a source of real stress. But one way to make your Disneyland trip a truly magical experience is to hire a car service. Why would a car service help you and your family or group? Here are just a few good reasons to consider it.
On their wedding day, every couple wants everything to go the exact way they want it. This includes your wedding day limousine ride. But when you invite others to come along as passengers, you run the risk of losing control of the ride atmosphere. You might end up with a party when you really want a romantic and reflective ride. Conversely, your group might end up being way too serious.

So, how can you take control of the limousine ride environment and secure the party of your own unique dreams? Discover a few key tips.

1. Choose Guests Wisely

The first step in ensuring the right atmosphere is to choose guests who will bring the ambiance you want. Concerned that your cousin is a killjoy? You might rent more than one limousine so that you can tailor both parties separately. Divorced parents tend to drink and argue? Reduce the limo ride to just you and your spouse-to-be. And if you don’t want your crazy uncle to start a round of karaoke, make other arrangements for him.

Remember that this is your big day, and you don’t owe anyone a ride anywhere. Decide the right guest list in advance — between you and your partner — and then present it to others as a done deal well before the big day.

2. Talk to Your Passengers

After you select a group of friends or family who will share your ride, talk openly with them about your goals and expectations. Let your friends know that they have a part in helping you have a great wedding day, and how they party in the car will go a long way toward this goal.

If you are concerned that someone might get drunk before arriving at the venue, share this concern. If your worry is that having your elderly relative in the limo will put a damper on the party, ask attendants for assistance in keeping the fun going. Remember, people can’t help if you don’t let them know what you need.

3. Use Alcohol Strategically

Most limousines allow the consumption of alcohol in the back of the car. If you choose to provide that alcohol, create a plan for how it will be used. The alcohol consumption will directly inform your party style, and it’s not something you should decide at the last minute.

Unlimited amount of drinks will likely result in a louder and more lively party. Consider providing limited categories of booze if you suspect that some people might have a little too much and end up feeling poorly.

If you want the party to be fun but still restrained, you might simply limit the amount of alcohol available. Share a bottle or two of champagne or wine. And if you have physically no more bottles in the car, your guests’ imbibing will be organically reduced.

4. Set the Tone

As the bridal couple, you set the tone for your wedding ride. People are more likely to respond to your example and follow your lead. So let your actions and plans give them a lead to follow.

If, for instance, you want it to be romantic, build it like a date — opt for a smaller limo, bring a signature cocktail, and revisit a romantic location from your courtship. If you want a party, arrange for someone to decorate the limo and have a few party games planned if the good times dwindle. Want a casual affair? Give everyone slippers as they get in. The point is to provide a clear idea of how you envision your ride.

Building the right atmosphere within your limo ride begins with planning. By determining who the right guests are, what you want from them, and how alcohol will be consumed in the car, your wedding day transportation is more likely to be just how you imagined it. Start your limo planning by talking with the pros at In Style Transportation today.