5 Steps to Get Your Student Group to the Airport

5 Steps to Get Your Student Group to the Airport

Taking a student group on a trip is always a logistical challenge. And those challenges don’t end once you’ve made the travel arrangements and told everyone where to meet up on the big day. In fact, the day of travel can be the most difficult of all. To improve your next student outing, discover a few handy tips to reduce everyone’s stress and prevent delays.

1. Arrange Transportation

Corral your group long before you arrive at the airport by arranging shared transportation. Work with a local transportation company to find vehicles that will best fit your group into as few vehicles as possible. And be sure to arrange for shuttles to meet you at your destination airport as well, especially if you’re not familiar with it.

Although airport shuttle services are a financial investment, they allow you to know everyone is where they need to be, to reduce parent stress, and to communicate easily with everyone. Transportation then becomes one step that you, as the coordinator, won’t have to worry about.

2. Meet Up in Advance

Don’t make the mistake of telling everyone to arrive at the departure time. Instead, set the meeting time about an hour before you plan to actually head out. This gives time for latecomers or procrastinators to arrive, and you’ll have time for last-minute emergencies or adjustments.

Take advantage of this downtime by talking with students and parents about the airport rules and making sure everyone has their travel documents as needed. Ask one more time about allergy or food requirements and confirm sleeping arrangements. You may even want to consider providing a meal — especially if you’re leaving in the early morning hours — to be sure everyone is ready for a good day.

3. Get Coordinated Clothing

Avoid losing students or staff by putting everyone in easily identifiable clothing. If you have a school, band, or team uniform, this may be a good time to ask that everyone wear it for traveling.

Don’t have a uniform? Why not make special group travel T-shirts in advance so that everyone can wear them to the airport? Opt for bright colors and a simple design that incorporates your group logo so it’s easy to see. The kids will be more visible if they become separated, and they’ll find you more easily as well.

4. Go Over Airport Rules

Some students and staff will have had experience with airport travel, but others will not. Don’t assume that anyone knows how the airport will work or, particularly, what airport security measures require.

Go over TSA rules like the limit on liquids in carry-on items, whether or not electronic devices need to be removed from bags, and what items are barred from carry-on luggage. Encourage students and adults to pack carry-on bags lightly and to wear shoes that easily slip on and off.

Explain specifically what steps your group will take and where you will go from point to point once you arrive at the airport. This way, everyone knows what to expect and your group is less likely to become separated.

5. Have a Buddy System

The buddy system is an excellent way to help keep everyone safe in crowds and get them through security with less trouble. Assign students to stay together in pairs so they can help each other get through the security line easier and keep track of all their stuff. The buddy system is also an excellent way to avoid losing one student in a crowded airport.

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