5 Times a Busy Executive Needs a Car Service

5 Times a Busy Executive Needs a Car Service

As a busy executive, you have many responsibilities and many concerns. You help ensure the welfare of the company you help run — or even own — while still trying to enjoy a happy family life and even have a little fun along the way.

One thing that can make your life easier and reduce stress from your work is knowing when to outsource some tasks to other professionals. Take the task of driving yourself, for instance.

If you understand the value that a car service can bring to certain times in your life, you will have the ability to take some control over your schedule. How? Here are five times when any executive needs a car and driver.


1. When You Don’t Know the Area

Do you have to attend a meeting or work with a client or partner in a different city? Driving in an unfamiliar setting adds stress to your trip. Even someone who lives in Southern California can easily become confused or overwhelmed when they have to navigate the freeways and surface streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Keep yourself on time and less stressed by hiring a driver who is familiar with the area.


2. When You Need to Multitask

The hours spent behind the wheel are often wasted hours for busy businesspeople. But time is one of your most valuable assets, so can you really afford to lose more than necessary?

While most people can’t justify hiring a car service for every day’s commute, look for situations when you could really use the ability to focus on work when headed to distant business meetings, when preparing for a trade show, or in the midst of a looming deadline.


3. When You Entertain Business Guests

Do you have a business meeting? A black car service gives the best impression whether you’re picking up a VIP from the airport or hosting a dinner with potential high-value clients.

Professional drivers also know how to avoid traffic snarls with pre-planning as well as how to present a professional appearance and demeanor. As a plus, you can focus on business and wooing your guests instead of trying to avoid road rage on the L.A. freeways.


4. When You’re Feeling Stress

Emotionally charged drivers are at greater risk to make mistakes or become distracted when driving. You are the best one to know when your stress levels are higher than normal and so you might be a riskier driver. It could come at seasonal times that are chaotic, or it could be a one-time event such as an important meeting or the final stages of a new product launch.

Be proactive and honest with yourself, ordering a professional driver to make sure you get to your destinations on time and safely when you might be too distracted to concentrate.


5. When You Want to Enjoy Your Family

Most busy businesspeople will tell you that one of their continuous challenges is to spend enough time with their spouses and children. Do you fall into this category? Then make firm plans by ordering a car and driver to show up at your home on your day off and whisk you and the kids to a theme park, a day at the beach, or a concert of their favorite band.

When a car is reserved and arrives on time, your family will find it much harder to put off this quality time together. In addition, you let a professional driver take on the stress of getting everyone to their destinations, dealing with parking, and having to navigate. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy more relaxing family time.

At In Style Transportation, we know the value of aiding business professionals to get their jobs done efficiently and thoroughly. Call today to learn what we can provide to help you whenever you need it.