5 Ways Hired Cars Promote Social Distancing During Business Meetings

5 Ways Hired Cars Promote Social Distancing During Business Meetings

While much of the business world has moved to the online realm during the COVID-19 pandemic, not all business meetings can be successfully done virtually. If your company needs to hammer out particularly important details, negotiate key contracts, or build lasting relationships, you may need to do so in person for the best results.

But with new rules for social distancing, keeping attendees safe before, during, and after an important meeting can be difficult. A car service, though, can help. How? Discover a few of the valuable ways hired transportation helps promote social distancing no matter who attends your meeting.

1. Vehicles Can Be Scaled Up

A professional car service has a fleet of vehicles at their disposal. That means you can choose the vehicle that best fits the size of your party. If you only need to pick up or transport one attendee, you might use a standard black executive car. Need to get a group from one place to another? Give them plenty of room to sit apart by opting for a large van, an SUV, or even a small bus.

2. You Control Who Shares

When attendees or staff are left to their own devices, they often opt to carpool or use ride-share services. But your company has no say over how many people are crammed into a car or who they might share their ride with.

Take charge of their safety by controlling who is in the car. Because you contracted with the car service, you can ensure that only one attendee is transported in each vehicle and timing is spaced out to avoid congestion. No one will need to resort to unsafe ride-sharing options with a car available for the duration of their stay.

3. Professional Drivers Follow Best Practices

If your people rely on unknown drivers or each other to travel around during their stay, can you really ensure that everyone follows the best distancing practices? This is not very likely, unfortunately. That is where a professional driver and dedicated vehicle come in handy.

Unlike untrained amateur drivers, pros approach passenger safety professionally. They often have barriers between driver and passengers. They have sanitized the vehicle properly. They will ensure the presence of sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. And they will be more careful about maintaining physical distancing at all times.

4. The Service Provides Options

When your meeting participants have a car on standby, they can avoid other potentially hazardous situations. For instance, what will everyone do when they need to eat lunch or dinner? If everyone decamps to busy local restaurants, social distancing will be hard. Instead, a contracted car can pick up delicious meals from any local business you prefer and bring it to your guests instead.

And while your guests work through their meeting agenda, a separate car can get them what they need — reducing their need to travel around and increase their exposure risk.

5. They Facilitate Controlled Meetings

Many experts recommend replacing large meetings with lots of attendees with smaller, controlled group meetings. And transportation can help you make this change. Hired cars can be ready to shuttle presenters safely between two or more locations. You might use a driver to ensure attendees arrive at staggered intervals. Or transport guests to several closer locations to avoid risky airplane rides.

Can a hired car service make your important meeting safer for all by encouraging social distancing? These are just a few of the ways that it can. Want to learn more about ensuring guest safety as they arrive and travel around during their stay? Talk with the professional team at In Style Transportation today.