5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Party Conflicts in the Limo

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5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Party Conflicts in the Limo

Do you worry that your wedding party or friends and family could start trouble in the wedding day limo? Weddings often bring out both the best and the worst in people. Emotions may run high. And people who may not normally get along could be asked to spend significant time together for your special day.

The limo ride could be an unfortunate catalyst for some of these emotional conflicts. Here are five ways you can avoid them.

1. Hire Multiple Cars

If you worry about two individuals in your group not getting along, why not rent a second (or third) limo and spread them out? The cost may not be much more since you can rent smaller individual cars.

With multiple cars at your disposal you could quietly (or openly) split up people who don’t get along. And if someone develops a difficult relationship during the wedding planning, you have options for reassigning cars. In addition, a bride or groom worried about the party getting out of hand can thin out the volume of partiers in any one situation.

2. Avoid Alcohol

The combination of alcohol and high emotions — positive or negative — can cause people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise. While serving drinks in the wedding limo is a common tradition, it’s not mandatory. Avoid the trouble and skip the adult beverages. Perhaps you could party with everyone’s favorite coffee drink instead. Or bring along just enough champagne to pour everyone a single glass for the toast.

3. Recruit Some Allies

Many brides or grooms know what sort of trouble they might expect from certain members of the party. If so, take aside a few trusted confidants and ask them to help you steer things away from potential trouble spots.

These persons should be calm and good with people. They might be asked to change the conversation if things appear to take a serious turn, to entertain one or both of your feuding parents, or to serve as a go-between for bridal party members with a rocky relationship.

4. Give People Assignments

Delegating work on the big day not only helps you but also distracts your wedding party. It essentially gives them something else to do with their time and attention. If you have two parents who don’t get along, why not ask one to help you freshen your look in the limo and the other to handle business with the limo driver? Worried that someone may overdrink? Keep their hands busy, and give them the job of taking candid photos of the whole party.

5. Ask For Everyone’s Cooperation

Be open with your friends by having a frank discussion with the group as a whole or individual members in advance. Let them know that this is your special day and you want them all to be there contributing to it. Make clear that your hope is that everyone can focus not on their own frustrations or challenges but rather on supporting the bride and groom.

This conversation recognizes that your friends or family may have legitimate complaints and you aren’t dismissing these. What you are doing, though, is asking them to help you by focusing on the reason you’re all here. By bringing up this admittedly difficult subject ahead of time, many wedding party members will more actively police themselves.

If you put these tips into practice as the wedding day approaches, you set the stage for a better limo experience for all. Want more ideas for heading off any potential problems during the ride? Make an appointment to talk with the professional team at In Style Transportation today. Together, we’ll help you design a great time no matter what challenges you face.