5 Ways to Make Out-of-Town Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated

5 Ways to Make Out-of-Town Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated

By traveling from a long distance to attend your wedding, out-of-town guests show how much they love and value you. How can you return the favor? Here are a few ways any bridal couple can show their love to those who’ve come from elsewhere.


  1. Book Transportation

If people have paid significant money or time to fly, drive, or even boat to your wedding location, show your appreciation by providing in-town transportation. This is an excellent way to make sure that Grandma and Grandpa arrive where they should be and don’t have any stress. This action also acts as a show of gratitude for others and a great way to kick off your romantic day.

Depending on the schedule and guests, you may be able to book group transportation, such as a shared van. If people will be heading out at different times, though, consider using a private car to ferry folks around.


  1. Prepare a Travel Packet

Are there out-of-town guests who aren’t familiar with the area? Prepare a welcome bag for them, and include both practical information and suggestions on what they may want to do while in the area.

Start with practical help. Include the address of and information about the hotel, local restaurant suggestions, and the venue location as well as directions for getting there (or navigating the inside). Provide contact phone numbers of someone other than the bride or groom in case people have questions. Include a wedding weekend or wedding day timeline, specifying which events they’re invited to.

This is also a chance to personalize your guests’ visits. Write a little welcome note, include some favors from the wedding, or add a gift specific to your local area. A little surprise appreciation goes a long way toward designing a positive weekend for everyone.


  1. Offer Simplified Arrangements

Make travel planning as easy as possible for your distant guests. This step is especially important if you want to encourage busy couples or families as well as grandparents to attend.

Work with a local hotel to provide a block of rooms (preferably of different price points) and provide guests with contact info for the hotel or concierge. Ideally, choose a hotel that’s close to the venue for simplicity. And if you opt for lodging with on-site food options, everyone can enjoy easier dining.

Finally, hire a car service to take them from the hotel to the wedding and back home again.


  1. Plan an Outing

Show your friends and family that you’re happy to see them by arranging for something fun planned just for those who’ve come from far away. Consider the likes and needs of your loved ones and think of something they’d generally all enjoy.

You might plan a city tour with your car service, send them to afternoon tea, or plan a short hike, for instance. If you or your partner have time, join them — even just for a bit. If you don’t have time, arrange for the event and a car to get them there.


  1. Invite Them to Events

An easy way to demonstrate that you love your out-of-towners is to include them in pre-wedding festivities. Depending on their arrival day and time, you could invite them to the rehearsal dinner or a bridal lunch. Invite some to accompany you on a few fun errands for the big day or ask them to participate in decorating the reception hall.

For the cost of a few extra meals or a larger car, people will feel involved, appreciated, and entertained.

Both in large ways and in small gestures, you can show appreciation for those who wanted to share your big day with you. At In Style Transportation, we specialize in making guests feel welcome and taken care of. Call today to learn what we can do for your friends and family.