You know you want a wedding day limousine. But whom should you include in it? Should you have a big passenger list or just ride alone with your partner? There is no one single right answer to this question. To find the right solutions, you'll first need to understand that pros and cons of a big limo party versus a small one. Here are a few of the most important factors.

Attending a football game comes with a lot of excitement and planning as you see a live game. One way to attend the game is through a limo service. A limo service can provide you with transportation to and from football games in the Los Angeles area. With multiple teams in the area, you have many game options and can enjoy the limo transportation service. As you plan out your transportation to a football game, learn about the advantages of using a limo service and how a professional fleet can become your go-to source for any football games you attend.

While much of the business world has moved to the online realm during the COVID-19 pandemic, not all business meetings can be successfully done virtually. If your company needs to hammer out particularly important details, negotiate key contracts, or build lasting relationships, you may need to do so in person for the best results. But with new rules for social distancing, keeping attendees safe before, during, and after an important meeting can be difficult. A car service, though, can help. How? Discover a few of the valuable ways hired transportation helps promote social distancing no matter who attends your meeting.

Taking a student group on a trip is always a logistical challenge. And those challenges don't end once you've made the travel arrangements and told everyone where to meet up on the big day. In fact, the day of travel can be the most difficult of all. To improve your next student outing, discover a few handy tips to reduce everyone's stress and prevent delays.

Visiting Disneyland is a must-do on most families' lists. But for many people, the prospect of getting around Southern California can also be intimidating and even a source of real stress. But one way to make your Disneyland trip a truly magical experience is to hire a car service. Why would a car service help you and your family or group? Here are just a few good reasons to consider it.

Do you plan to hire a limousine for your wedding day? Many brides and grooms want to participate in this exciting and luxurious tradition on their big day. But who do you want to include in your wedding limo ride? You have nearly unlimited choices, so it's sometimes hard to decide who to ask and who to leave out. To help you form the perfect wedding day group ride, here are three of the most popular scenarios and what they add to your wedding day.