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Disneyland to LAX $130
Disneyland to SNA $96

Also Serving Garden Grove, Newport Beach, and Orange County, CA

When planning for your trip to Disneyland, you shouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of renting a car and navigating the unknown streets of Anaheim, CA, yourself. Let In Style Transportation take some stress and hassle out of your vacation with our luxury Disneyland transportation. Whether traveling to or from Disneyland, we can help you feel safe, comfortable, and stress-free.


In Style Transportation Services

We provide a variety of car transportation services to make your stay fun and enjoyable. Rely on us for the following services.

Airport Pickup and Drop-Off

Whether coming in from LAX, SNA, LGB, or San Diego International Airports, we can easily pick you up and take you to your Disneyland hotel or any park of your choice. Please note that travel times vary through the day. If you’re worried about any time constraints, please call us ahead of time to see how we can accommodate you.

Once your vacation is done, get to your flight quickly with our airport drop-off services. We also offer customizable stops along your journey, so if you need a bite to eat, our chauffeurs will gladly wait!

Disneyland Car Service to LAX, Los Angeles International Airport:

The distance to LAX from Disneyland is approximately 35 miles. The drive time to get there can range from 40 minutes to one hour and 30 minutes during rush hours. Typically, if you leave by 5:00 AM in the morning, you can get to LAX in about 45 minutes. However, if you leave between 5:45 AM and 9:30 AM the trip will typically take about 1.5 hours. When scheduling your pick-up time, we generally like to add 30 minutes to the typical travel time to allow for variances in traffic and potential jams due to accidents or construction. So, if you leave during morning rush hour, we would schedule your trip 2 hours prior to the time that you would like to arrive at LAX.

Another factor that should be considered when traveling out of LAX is terminal traffic. During peak times, it could take up to 30 minutes to reach your terminal after arriving at the airport. Peak times at LAX include travel seasons, holidays and special events in Los Angeles.


If you need to get from Disneyland to any area event, our chauffeurs can drive you around Anaheim and all of Orange County with ease. We’ll also pick you up from your event as well. Please note that you may be dropped off and picked up by different drivers, so make sure to take all belongings with you.

In Style Transportation Benefits

Why choose us? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy online booking
  • Convenient, automated emails and texts
  • Downloadable app
  • Flat airport rates
  • Quick, private, safe, comfortable, and reliable transport
  • Complimentary car seats for young children
  • Experienced and friendly chauffeurs
  • Large fleet of luxury vehicles

Why use a car service from LAX or SNA to and from Disneyland?

  1. BEST VALUE. We offer flat rates for the vehicle, not a per person rate. We are usually cheaper or the same rate for a family than a bus or shuttle.
  2. QUICKEST. We pick you up at the terminal and take you directly to your hotel. No waiting in lines or making multiple stops.
  3. 3. PRIVATE. It’s only your family and belongings in the vehicle. No mixing your luggage and valuables with others.
  4. COMPLIMENTARY CAR SEATS. We offer 3 types… forward facing toddler seat, rear facing infant seat and booster seat.
  5. STOPS. Our trips are customizable. Want to stop at an In and Out Burger on the way or stop by a grocery store for some supplies? We can do it!   Wait time will apply.

10 Valuable Tips about Disneyland:

  1. Buy your tickets online and get to the parks before they open. You will get in first to avoid some lines.
  2. Get a locker. You can store extra clothes, battery packs, chargers or sunscreen in them. Pack your own snacks and water and leave them here.
  3. Use Fastpass and use MaxPass to get it.
  4. Stay at a Disneyland Resort and take advantage of Extra Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hours.
  5. If you are an early bird not staying onsite, start the day in the park not hosting Extra Magic Hours.
  6. Download the Disneyland Mobile App. Use the Mobile Ordering Service to order food.
  7. Wait until the end of the evening to shop or buy your souvenirs ahead of time online.
  8. Know when and where to find your favorite characters.
  9. Ride during show times and make sure you are in a ride line when the park closes.
  10. Use a car service to and from the airport. It is truly the easiest, fastest way to start and end your trip!

20 Fun Facts About Disneyland:

  1. Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955 to 28,000 visitors.
  2. When Disneyland opened the admission was $1.00, its now $135.00
  3. It took one year, 2500 laborers and $17 million dollars to build the park.
  4. Over 84 million Mickey Mouse ears have been sold making it the most popular souvenir.
  5. The façade of It’s a Small World is covered in real gold.
  6. Walt Disney had an apartment above the fire department on Main Street. The light is still left on in his apartment to symbolize his presence.
  7. The skeletons used in The Pirates of the Caribbean are real
  8. While passengers wait in line for the Star Tours Ride, an announcement mentions “Mr. Egroeg Sacul” which is George Lucas backwards. Ironically, an 11 year old George was at the park on opening day.
  9. Disneyland uses the term “Code V” to communicate that someone has vomited in the park.
  10. The purple teacup and the orange one with diamonds spin the fastest.
  11. Disneyland sells 2.8 million churros per year.
  12. The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is real and can be operated.
  13. Three babies have been born in Disneyland.
  14. No aircraft or drones are allowed to fly within 3 miles of Disneyland.
  15. To avoid offending certain cultures, cast members may not use one finger gestures, instead using two fingers or an open palm.
  16. All the plants in Tomorrowland are edible.
  17. You are never more than 30 steps from a trash can and gum is not sold in the park.
  18. Disneyland constantly pumps scents into the park, like the smell of fresh popcorn and baked goods on Main Street.
  19. The C-3PO and R2-D2 in “Star Tours” are real movie props from the “Star Wars” movies. Also, some props in the Indian Jones attraction are real movie props.
  20. Doritos were invented in Disneyland at the Casa de Fritos by frying stale tortillas and flavoring them.

With so many benefits, why choose any other? For your luxury Disneyland car service, call us today at (424) 333-6184, use our online reservation form to the right, or email us today. For your convenience, please see all our rates below.

The Best Limousine and Car Service from Disneyland to LAX
By HarshLight from San Jose, CA, USA Link


Full Size
To LAX 130 157 286
From LAX 142.50 169.50 298.50
To SNA 96 122 285
From SNA 108.50 134.50 297.50
To LGB 102 124 285
From LGB 114.50 136.50 297.50
To San Diego Intl. Airport 261 316 548
From San Diego Intl. Airport 273.50 328.50 560.50
Hourly Rates (per hour) 72 85 125

Rates are subject to change and availability and do not include the variable gas surcharge and do not include a typical gratuity of 20%.  Rates to and from an airport are a flat fixed rate. Other destinations are estimates based on a pick up at Disneyland. A $15 EVENT FEE will be added to all PICK UPS at an event venue with a capacity of 2,500 or greater. 

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