Enjoy a Safe Wedding Limo Ride During the COVID-19 Era

Enjoy a Safe Wedding Limo Ride During the COVID-19 Era

As life in a new normal during the COVID-19 era gets underway, customers may be concerned about activities they used to take for granted. For instance, many couples want to rent an executive car or limousine for their wedding but may worry that it might no longer be a safe and fun part of the big day.

The good news is that you can keep that fantastic, luxurious element while helping everyone stay safe. Discover a few easy tips to do so.

1. Talk to the Car Service

Limousine companies have all taken precautions to ensure the safety and health of their guests. So don’t be hesitant to call up your car service and talk about their procedures for disinfecting cars. Remember that they want you to have a safe and fun day.

Common measures that your limousine company has likely put into place include systematically sanitizing the car’s interior surfaces and seating between rides, providing sanitized beverage and snack stations, and screening passengers before they enter the limo. Drivers may also take added precautions such as maintaining social distance, avoiding shared surfaces, and wearing masks.

2. Bring Your Own Gear

If you want to add to your own comfort level, bring along some personal belongings or supplies rather than using what the company provides. If your group needs a car seat, for instance, you can usually use a sanitized seat from the company. However, if you would prefer to use your own personal car seat, most services would be happy to accommodate you.

Depending on your plans and concerns, you might ask about bringing such things as your own alcohol containers, snacks, or disinfecting materials.

3. Ask Guests to Prioritize Self-Isolation

The two-week period before the wedding is key to ensuring that no one enters the limo while unconsciously carrying COVID-19. Talk to everyone you plan to have in the limo on your wedding day, asking them to prioritize self-isolation during these vital 14 days.

During the final two weeks, emphasize how everyone contributes to the health of the group by limiting or avoiding unnecessary social activities and outside contacts. You might even have some fun by distributing wedding-themed hand sanitizer and face masks or giving people stay at home care packages.

4. Limit Limo Ride Passengers

If you will still enjoy the trip without a huge party, consider limiting the number of people in your car. If you’ve rented a full-size limo, only fill it to half capacity so that people can socially distance more easily and will share fewer items during the ride. Some couples might go even farther and limit the limo ride to only a small handful of people for a more intimate experience.

5. Rent a Second Vehicle

If you really do have a large group that needs to travel to the wedding, reserve a second vehicle. Breaking up the group into two or more cars helps everyone practice better social distancing within and around the car.

Adding vehicles is also a good idea if any of your wedding party is older or has underlying health conditions (such as diabetes or immune disorders), which put them at higher risk if they get COVID-19. They can enjoy the limo with their partner or immediate family, for instance, and still have the fun of participating without additional health risks.

You can have all the elements that you want during your wedding even during the pandemic. By taking some extra care, consulting with your limousine company, and being careful about group arrangements, everyone can be part of the fun. Want to learn more? Start by talking with the team at In Style Transportation today.