How Many Chauffeured Cars Do You Need For Your Wedding?

How Many Chauffeured Cars Do You Need For Your Wedding?

Do you need to rent a chauffeured car for your wedding? If you’re not sure how many vehicles you need and which days you’ll need to schedule a chauffeur service, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Who Will Need a Car Service?

Before you book a car (or a few), you need to decide who requires a ride. While the answer to this question depends on your event’s individual needs, the most common people who need wedding transportation include:

  • The happy couple. It’s likely neither you nor your soon-to-be spouse doesn’t want to drive to and from this special day. As the stars of this event, the two of you are the primary wedding party members who need a chauffeured car service.
  • The inlaws. Do your parents or future-in-laws want to drive themselves to the wedding or the reception? If they prefer not to drive, have night-time driving restrictions, want to relax, or are visiting from out of town (and don’t have their own vehicles), add them to the car service list.
  • Your wedding party. Do you want the bridesmaids and groomsmen to arrive at the wedding and reception in one group? A chauffeured car can reduce the wedding party members’ anxiety — and yours. You won’t need to worry that your maid of honor best man will show up late.

Along with these wedding members, close family members or friends visiting from out of town and their spouses, significant others, or children may also need a chauffeur service.

How Many Cars Do You Need?

Now that you know who needs a car, you’re one step closer to the next decision — selecting the number of cars you’ll need to hire. To calculate this number, consider:

  • Do you and your future spouse need two cars? If you’ll prepare in two different places, you’ll need two separate vehicles to get to the wedding. But you’ll only need one after the event.
  • Who can travel together? Can your parents and soon-to-be in-laws share a car? Will all the bridesmaids fit into one vehicle? Pair or group people who will feel comfortable traveling together.
  • Will additional people want to ride in the cars? If your wedding party plans to have additional guests drive home with them, you may need more cars to accommodate everyone’s post-event plans.

Not only will you need to consider how many people will need rides to and from the wedding or reception, you also need to calculate how many guests can fit into each vehicle. Larger vehicles, such as over-sized SUVs, can accommodate more guests. A larger option means you’ll need a lower number of cars.

When Will You Need the Cars?

Do you only need a car service to and from one event venue? If your ceremony and reception are at separate venues or you have a weekend filled with wedding events, you may need more care, more often.

To decide when you need to schedule a car service, consider:

  • Every wedding-related event. You may need a chauffeured car to drive you, your fiancé, and your wedding party to more than just the ceremony. Everyone may need a ride to a rehearsal dinner, after-party, or other wedding-related activity.
  • Other activities. Some seemingly small parts of your wedding may also require a driver and a car. A pre-ceremony trip to a hair salon or a final wedding dress fitting are made easier if you don’t have to worry about driving yourself.
  • Your guests’ arrival schedule. Along with wedding events, you may also want to schedule a car service to pick-up guests at the airport, train, or bus stations.

After you decide who needs a chauffeured ride, how many vehicles you need, and when you’ll need these services, discuss the details with the transportation company. The professionals will help you to choose the right vehicles for your wedding needs.

Are you ready to schedule a chauffeur service? Contact In Style Transportation for more information.