Pros and Cons of Large and Small Wedding Limo Parties

Pros and Cons of Large and Small Wedding Limo Parties

You know you want a wedding day limousine. But whom should you include in it? Should you have a big passenger list or just ride alone with your partner? There is no one single right answer to this question. To find the right solutions, you’ll first need to understand that pros and cons of a big limo party versus a small one. Here are a few of the most important factors.

The Pros and Cons of a Big Party

Large limo parties can be a great way to share your excitement with all your closest friends from the beginning of the day to the end. If you have a big wedding or reception planned, this could be the best way to personalize your nuptials and spend quality time with your closest circle rather than the crowd.

A big party can also help break the ice for nervous brides or grooms. You have a lot of distractions from anxieties about how the plans are going, giving speeches, or just appearing in front of a big crowd. Your friends help keep you focused on having fun rather than on your worries.

Finally, providing wedding day transportation has a practical element. If you worry about some of your wedding party arriving late or getting lost, a prearranged limo gets everyone where they need to be — on time and in good condition. It can also help relax members of the wedding party, since they won’t have to worry about making their own arrangements.

The biggest drawback, of course, is that your party may be at risk of getting out of your control. Flowing alcohol, partying passengers, and fighting family members can cause problems you don’t want on the wedding day. Things may be even more complicated if other friends or family becomes offended at not being included or invite themselves along.

The Pros and Cons of a Small Party

Riding alone or with just a few other people is an equally legitimate choice for your big day. The biggest draw for most couples who choose this is that it makes the limo ride intimate and romantic. It doesn’t get more personal than toasting your new marriage with your partner during those precious moments before or after you say ‘I do’. It sets the tone and mood for the big day, making things solely about your celebration of love.

A small limo guest list also helps minimize potential problems during the ride. You won’t have to wait on other people who may not be ready to leave on time. And you can use a smaller limo or executive car, which is useful if the venue is hard to reach or includes difficult parking scenarios. Finally, you reduce the risk of any bad behavior or interpersonal conflicts that could ruin your enjoyment of the trip to the altar.

Not everyone enjoys a slimmed-down limo ride, of course. You may find that the time alone increases your nervousness or gives you time to brood about what might not be quite right about your party plans. And denying others — possibly including those who have contributed to your wedding — a ride can cause hurt feelings.

Where You Can Learn More

No matter whether the pros of a large party outweigh the cons or vice versa, start by learning more about all your transportation options. Meet with an experienced limousine and executive car rental service in your wedding area.

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