Who Should Ride in Your Wedding Day Limousine? 3 Scenarios

Who Should Ride in Your Wedding Day Limousine? 3 Scenarios

Do you plan to hire a limousine for your wedding day? Many brides and grooms want to participate in this exciting and luxurious tradition on their big day. But who do you want to include in your wedding limo ride? You have nearly unlimited choices, so it’s sometimes hard to decide who to ask and who to leave out.

To help you form the perfect wedding day group ride, here are three of the most popular scenarios and what they add to your wedding day.

1. The Romantic Ride

The smallest and most personal wedding day limo ride is as few people as possible. In the past, the tradition was for the bride to travel to the ceremony with her father (or whomever is walking her down the aisle) only. For many, this is still an important part of the wedding process.

Slimming down your limousine party to just the couple and one or two parents is a good idea for anyone looking to relax and reduce stress before the wedding. You avoid any potential trouble among passengers and are able to focus on the true meaning of this special trip.

If you do opt for a small grouping, consider adding one or two additional people. First, invite a wedding photographer to capture intimate moments on the way to the ceremony. Second, you may want to ask your hair or makeup stylist or a trusted friend to accompany you in order to make last minute adjustments before exiting the car at the venue.

2. The Traditional Ride

The most traditional wedding limo arrival is for the bride to ride with her attendants in one car. Traditionally, the best man drives the groom to the venue and groomsmen all make their own way. When leaving the ceremony, the newlyweds then ride alone in the limousine while the groom’s attendants give rides to the bride’s attendants. If a second limo was hired, the attendants all ride together.

If you choose this type of traditional grouping, you are sure to have a great time with just your closest friends in the car. Because this passenger list often doesn’t include parents, grandparents, or siblings, the wedding party may feel more comfortable and have more fun. You can also modernize things by hiring a car for the groom and his attendants or including both parties in one vehicle.

3. The Party Bus Ride

If you want to get the party started before the wedding, limiting who is in the limousine isn’t going to help. Fun-loving and social brides or grooms may want to extend the invitation beyond the traditional people — including members of the wedding party as well as parents, siblings, cousins, and close friends. The car then becomes the first stage in a day full of celebrations.

Of course, including so many extra passengers may call for the rental of a larger limousine, an SUV, or even a party bus. The extra expense is often worth it to create a truly memorable experience with all the people you love most.

Which type of limousine ride is right for you? There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your special day. Whether you choose an intimate trip or an expanded group of passengers, the goal remains the same — to start your wedding ceremony off on the best foot possible.

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